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Italians in Šiauliai: „Šiauliai turns out to be a city in full development“



We were in Siaulai last August 13th.

The city, the fourth most populous in Lithuania, can be reached by train from Vilnius in 2.5 hours.

Unfortunately the races are not frequent and to secure the place you have to buy the ticket a few days before, even online.

The center of the city, consisting of a large pedestrian walkway, is quite ordinary, but, after the opening of the commercial activites, you can walk with a pleasant stroll through shops, bars and restaurants.

We rented a bicycle at the tourist office to reach the famous Hill of Crosses, which is about 12 km away from the city.

Although tourism is almost non-existent in Siaulai, the tourist office is very well stocked and the staff is very willing to provide any kind of information to tourists. Among other things, one of the operatore recommended us the restaurant where to have lunch, Juone Pastuoge, where we could taste some delicious local specialties, sitting outdoors in a wooden table.

The entire route to reach the Hill of Crosses takes place on a cycle path, certainly dated, which is at times in reconstruction and at times rundown, which makes it difficult to pass.

The Hill of Crosses is certainly worth the effort to reach, even by bus.

Already from afar you can see the crosses that fill the hill by the thousands.

Once you have climbed between wooden ladders and paths, you cannot describe the feeling you get while walking between crucifixes, sacred symbols and capitals and the atmosphere you breathe.

Time passes quickly admiring the variety of sacred objects brought by locals and tourists from all over the world and reading the phrases of prayer written in each language.

Although the visit to the hill does not require much time and the distance from the capital is considerable, it is a unique place, whose visit repays the effort to reach it.

In the nearby parking you can buy your own cross to be planted in the hill, thus participating in this particular custom.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we visited the chocolate museum, Rūtos šokolado muziejus. Do not miss the delicious chocolate cake with cherry jam in the nearby cafe.

Also pleasant is the walk that leads to Lake Talkša, passing through the square of the sundial.

In conclusion Šiauliai turns out to be a city in full development, as demonstrated by the work in progress at every corner. Surely in a few years Siaulai will appear aesthetically more appealing to tourists who probably will reach it in ever-increasing numbers given the development of the fame of the nearby Hill of Crosses and of Lithuania itself.

Today it remains a small center, the starting point for the excursion, without too many pretensions, which allows you to spend a few hours in an authentic Lithuanian city, among the locals.andreea